What Vitamins are Right for You?

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Life can get a little too hectic these days, which means you might be overlooking some crucial components that make a healthy body. It’s not hard to tell if something’s off with your health; your body gives you all the warning signs, like fatigue, weight gain, and poor memory. Vitamins are essential nutrients that help you get your system back on track and ensure optimal functioning. The "Vitamin Deficiency Finder" suggests what vitamins and other supplements you may need to keep you healthy and active.

This FREE test helps find out what vitamins you may need based on your lifestyle and health symptoms. It should take no more than 5 minutes.

The results of this free online test do not constitute medical advice and should not be taken as such. Please consult with a licensed medical professional if you are experiencing any symptoms or any kind of physical distress.

1. How old are you?

2. What is your gender?

3. What is your weight?


4. How tall are you?



5. Are you a vegan or vegetarian?

6. Do you take in at least a cup of coffee, caffeine, or soda daily?

7. Do you consume sweets such as cookies, cakes, or ice cream more than 2x a week?

8. Do you smoke or consume alcohol more than 2x a week?

9. Are you constantly experiencing moderate to high level of stress?

10. Do you exercise at least 2x-3x weekly?

11. Do you consume less than 2 cups of fruits and vegetables daily?

12. Does your work/lifestyle mostly require you to stay indoors during the day?

13. Do you travel out of the country at least every 3 months?

14. Do you get less than 7 hours of sleep a night?

15. Have you taken antibiotics for the last 3 months?

16. Do you easily get sick or have low immunity?

17. Are you pregnant or planning to get pregnant?

18. Have you undergone any surgery the past 3 months?

19. Have you been diagnosed or undergoing treatment for any of the following health conditions? Check all that apply.

20. Do you regularly experience any of the following health concerns? Check all that apply.

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