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BioBalance Client Testimonials

“Since I began training with BioBalance, I have been able to sustain a higher training load than ever before and the ability to recover quickly. I’m also more aware now of my body’s specific nutritional requirements so I can get the maximum benefit from training.”

Coach Andy Leuterio

Triathlete and Coach to Triathletes

“My journey with BioBalance came at the right time. A friend mentioned the concept of BioBalance when I was weak and unable to shake off a bad flu virus. Hearing that it is possible to measure and know the state of my health (on a cellular level), it didn’t take much time to find out how this can solve my perennial unhealthy state. After having tried different things, I feel this is the answer that’s given to me.”

“Maybe for my particular body, taking top brand vitamins and various remedies still leaves me in a puzzled state of asking… Am I healthy enough? Looking forward to BioBalance being the answer.”

Roseanne Marcelo-Bautista

Vice- President Fino Leatherware