BioBalance Client Testimonials

“As an aesthestic doctor, I provide solutions to medical problems with external manifestations. In order to optimize treatment results, I also need to heal the patient from within. When I got into functional medicine, it was repeatedly stressed that health starts with the gut. So I have been prescribing probiotics since.”

“Probiotics are good micro organisms that fight harmful ones. Whenever I prescribe some types of probiotics like kefir, kombucha or kimchi, my patients often object because these are not readily accessible or these require preparation. Since I came across BioBalance probiotics, patients became more compliant to my holistic regimen due to its convenience.”

Dr. Kyla Talens

Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic & Lifestyle Solutions

“BioBalance has been my wellness partner for years and I’ve felt the improvement in my health and also have seen it in the reduction of supplements I have to take! The only supplement I now take are probiotics and I’ve found BioBalance has the best quality. I can really feel the difference in my gut health when I take their probiotics on a daily basis. An optimized gut health has left me feeling energetic and sharp instead of sluggish and lethargic. Everyone who want to increase productivity and well being needs to tap into this!”

Sara Black


“Since I began training with BioBalance, I have been able to sustain a higher training load than ever before and the ability to recover quickly. I’m also more aware now of my body’s specific nutritional requirements so I can get the maximum benefit from training.”

Coach Andy Leuterio

Triathlete and Coach to Triathletes

“My journey with BioBalance came at the right time. A friend mentioned the concept of BioBalance when I was weak and unable to shake off a bad flu virus. Hearing that it is possible to measure and know the state of my health (on a cellular level), it didn’t take much time to find out how this can solve my perennial unhealthy state. After having tried different things, I feel this is the answer that’s given to me.”

“Maybe for my particular body, taking top brand vitamins and various remedies still leaves me in a puzzled state of asking… Am I healthy enough? Looking forward to BioBalance being the answer.”

Roseanne Marcelo-Bautista

Vice- President Fino Leatherware