Don't Guess... Test!

The Tests

Discover the very basic but often overlooked causes of “not sick but not feeling well”

Have you ever been to a doctor where all of your diagnostic tests — from X-rays to MRIs to CT scans to blood work to urine tests — have come back normal and yet you still feel “yuck?” And then your doctor looks at you flatly and pronounces, “There is nothing wrong with you.” Many Illness Medicine doctors today “grew up” in medical school without ever having the technology to test for metabolites inside the cell. Intracellular biochemistry then was just something to memorize. Intracellular metabolites had no practical applications since they could not be measured inexpensively for clinical use. So, the Illness Medicine doctors of today have been trained in the past to test for organ function instead. There are tests liver function, kidney function, heart function, and so on, that most of you are familiar with (and even know how to interpret). But cells underlie all organs. Today, technology allows us to peer inside the cells and measure levels of vitamins, minerals, co-factors, amino acids (from breakdown of protein), omega fatty acids (from ingestion of essential fats), and pyruvate (from breakdown of carbohydrates), among many other substances including those that reveal the inner workings of the mitochondria. These measurements allow us to personalize the recommendations for you on dietary changes and supplementation. In other words, we don’t guess. We test!

The tests are provided in partnership with Genova Diagnostics-Metametrix, a global specialty clinical laboratory that supports clients and healthcare providers in the prevention and management of diseases.