Supplements for Optimal Nutrient Balance

Not all supplements are created equal

To bring you to optimal nutrient balance especially after nutrient testing, BioBalance® has formulated its own bio-identical, bio-available, and bio-active supplements at GxP conditions. That’s a cryptic mouthful! What do we mean?


BioBalance supplements provide exactly the same nutrient structure as that used by the body. For example, instead of providing Vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin which contains cyanide, BioBalance provides B12 as methylcobalamin, exactly identical (bio-identical) to the one used by the body in its enzymatic reactions.


BioBalance supplements use mechanisms for proper digestion and absorption to provide the body with optimal levels of nutrients. For example, the enteric coating of the fish oil capsule prevents the Omega 3 oils from being digested in the stomach (causing “fish burps”) and delivers the oil for proper digestion and absorption in the intestines. This raises beneficial Omega 3 fat levels and makes them optimally available (bio-available) for use by the body.


BioBalance supplements are in their active or directly usable form. For example, instead of providing Vitamin B9 as folic acid which has to be cut by enzymes before it can be used, BioBalance provides B9 as 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF). 5-MTHF is directly usable by the body (bio-active) and does not require any initial “preparation,” such as enzymatic cleavage, for use.


You may have heard of GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices, under which our products are manufactured in the US. But have you heard of GTP or Good Transportation Practice? For example, heat can rapidly destroy many vitamins, like the B vitamins. You can never really tell if the products that you buy on the shelf of a vitamin store have been stored and transported properly. That should give you pause. Overseas shipping in non-temperature controlled containers can only guarantee that your vitamins have been “cooked.” Among the many things that BioBalance is strict about is the proper transport and storage of its products so it gets to you still bio-identical, bio-available, and bio-active!