Recovery (B Complex + L-Carnitine + Glutathione)

Readily absorbable nutrients are infused into your bloodstream for faster nourishment at the cellular level.

It facilitates healing to:

  • Speed up recovery from surgery
  • Relieve pain from damaged muscle or tissue
  • Prepare for or recuperate from athletic competition

Faster healing and recovery for:

  • People who underwent surgery
  • People who were recently ill
  • Athletes who competed recently or will compete soon

Available add-ons:

  • CoQ10 – energy production (+ ₱4,640)
  • Vitamin D – immune support (+ ₱2,000)
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Safe, personalized, and effective:

  • Medically-formulated IV vitamin drips
  • Tailor-fit treatment via doctor evaluation
  • Licensed & IV-trained team
  • Sanitized private room & facility
  • Fully-vaccinated staff members

Also available:

Immunity IV Therapy
Vitality IV Therapy


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