Nutrient Optimization Program

Nutrient Optimization Program

Optimize your health and restore your energy through a 4-month personalized nutrition program.

Check if this program suits you:

  • I would like to optimize my performance and manage my family disease predisposition.
  • I often feel tired or have difficulty recovering.
  • I get sick often and am prone to infections.
  • I experience generalized discomforts like headache, cramps or joint pains but my usual lab tests show normal results.
  • I have a special diet that often limits certain kinds of food.
  • I frequently consume fast food.
  • I take medications for my condition.

Optimize your nutrition to manage your performance, symptoms, and disease risk!

All cells and organs in your body require specific nutrients-vitamins and minerals, to be able to function efficiently. Compromised intake of nutrient-rich foods, lifestyle, stress, environmental factors and genes can lead to nutritional imbalance where nutrients are either lacking (deficient) or too much (toxic). If taken for granted, this imbalance affects organ function leading to compromised performance and predisposition to diseases

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The 4-month Nutrient Optimization Program includes:

  • A Nutrient and Metabolic Test: An advanced laboratory test to measure nutrient levels (like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants), metabolic imbalances (like detoxification, gut health, and brain health markers) and need for specific micronutrients
  • Doctor consultation with our Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) Specialist.
  • 4-month supply of custom-packed supplements: Pure, potent and safe supplements that are highly absorbed by the body
  • InBody Composition Analysis,
  • Customized food rotation guide and dietary plan

This program is NOT intended for anyone under the age of 18, pregnant, nursing or actively trying to conceive. This is NOT meant to replace medical care of disease. If you have an existing medical condition or taking prescription medication, please consult with your attending physician before committing to the program.