Most people believe that the absence of any disease or illness, or even normal results on annual check-ups, is a sign of good health. But even then, many people still feel tired, or have that drained, weary feeling, like something is “off” in their bodies. That was how Tessa Prieto-Valdes felt.

The 51-year-old fashion designer, columnist, host, philanthropist, triathlete and mother of four leads a busy lifestyle. For the past decade, Tessa has been a staunch advocate of fitness with an exercise routine that includes running, swimming, biking, golf, yoga and scuba diving. On top of that, she religiously takes supplements that include vitamins C, E and B-complex; and other minerals like calcium; magnesium, and zinc to help boost her energy and keep her top shape.

Screenshot_2014-09-09-18-25-33“My health is my top priority so I make sure to always find time to work out and eat nutritiously. I’m also a vitamin and supplement junkie. On the average, my health has been great, but my energy level has dropped a bit maybe because of my age or something was still lacking.”

Tessa’s wellness pursuit led her to the BioBalance Institute. BioBalance takes a different view on health and wellness—a person is not necessarily in the best of health just because he or she is not sick. Founded by Dr Ted Achacoso, a European double board-certified physician who specialised in Interventional Endocrinology (Anti-Ageing Medicine) and Nutrient Therapy (Nutritional Medicine). BioBalance looks at an individual’s nutrient and metabolic profile, vis-a-vis vis, lifestyle, environmental exposure, genetics and even disease predisposition to come-up with a customised nutritional solution that suits a person’s unique nutritional requirements.

Tessa regularly gets full medical and wellness check-ups, but was still surprised when she tried BioBalance. From her blood and urine samples, BioBalance used advanced technology to test for metabolites inside the cell through its exclusive partnership with US-based laboratory Genova Diagnostics, a global leader and pioneer in innovative laboratory testing for personalised medicine and wellness. These tests include levels of vitamins, minerals,
antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Since human bodies are essentially made up of cells, ensuring cellular health means that all organs and the entire body remains in tip-top shape.

Screenshot_2014-12-18-15-28-27“Dr Ted is wonderful because he thoroughly explains your charts to have a better understanding of what’s going on inside your body. The numbers are too confusing to comprehend so Dr Ted goes through each chart methodically and tells you why certain supplements are needed to have a better balance of energy and wellbeing. I think the main difference for me is that BioBalance is for people who need these supplements to stay healthy while hospital check-ups are for those who are sick and need to heal.”

Today, Tessa is not only fit but truly healthy, down to the cellular level. After Tessa’s results came out, the BioBalance Wellness Concierge designed a nutritional plan tailored to better suit her body’s needs and her active lifestyle.

“I don’t wake up tired and my energy level has risen substantially. I recommend BioBalance to my family and friends. Health is one of the most important life investments and we shouldn’t neglect it.”

Article source: Phlippine Tatler, Feb 2015, page 115. Images grabbed from Tessa Prieto’s and Anton San Diego’s IG.

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