fortune ledesmaFortune Aleta Ledesma begins her day as the sun rises. She goes to mass, squeezes in some exercise, carries out her duties as consul general of Monaco to the Philippines, organizes fundraisers, and manages a real estate business— all these while taking care of her husband, entrepreneur and Bulgaria consul Rene Ledesma, their three children, and six grandchildren. How does she do it? “I don’t know,” she says, breaking into a graceful smile. “I must have the energy to do it.”

Upon seeing Ledesma, it’s easy to surmise that she stays on top of her health: her classic, eye-catching beauty that never lost its luster; her slender frame, emphasized by a narrow waistline that could rival a 20something’s; and her seemingly unwavering energy. Then six months ago, Ledesma underwent a test that made her realize that though she has never felt truly unhealthy, her health could still stand to make some life-changing improvements.


Path To Health

Her secret? Balance. The BioBalance Institute runs comprehensive nutrient and metabolic tests that ascertain if your body’s inner workings are functioning properly. More than finding out what your blood sugar or cholesterol levels are, BioBalance, through an exclusive partnership with US-based laboratory Genova Diagnostics, applies advanced technology to identify any nutritional and metabolic imbalances in your body. “I get my blood tested regularly, but this is entirely different. They’re able to tell what your body lacks,” says Ledesma.

The Institute then helps you correct the nutrient deficiencies and toxicities by creating personalized recommendations on the right food and supplements you need to be taking. This also leaves you assured that you are giving your body what it requires, instead of frequently changing diets or taking a handful of ineffective tablets. “I know I’m taking the right vitamins now, and I’m getting the full benefits,” Ledesma adds.


Wellness is Personal

After finding out that she had a vitamin B deficiency and that caffeine did not go well with her body, Ledesma kicked off her journey to a balanced life by taking her BioBalance customized supplement packs and carefully avoiding the stimulant. The result? “I’m more energetic now,” Ledesma says cheerily. “I feel so much better. I sleep better, too.” Ledesma says she felt the results as soon as two months after correcting her diet and starting with the supplements. “It’s the best thing that’s happened to me,” she says. Ledesma thinks of BioBalance’s approach as an investment-worthy, preventive health measure.


Striking A Balance

The BioBalance Institute provides a completely personalized nutritional solution that helps its clients strike that elusive balance. For multi-tasking social gems like Ledesma, knowing the right kind and the right amount of essential nutrients your body needs to keep it nutritionally balanced and optimally well definitely helps enrich and enhance their lives. As such, the quest for balance should truly be made top priority.

And, rightly so—since according to Dr. Ted Achacoso, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of BioBalance Institute, “A nutrient deficiency or toxicity signals an imbalance in your body way before illness sets in. When this imbalance progresses, it will eventually manifest in signs and symptoms that may lead to serious health conditions.” Ledesma understands and quips, “Why wait for that?” The time for balance is indeed now.


TIP TOP TIPS: Fortune Ledesma shares why she’s constantly in the pink

On maintenance: “Your body is like a car—as you get older, it gets depleted. That’s why I’m so happy I was given the right nutrients for my body.”

On nutrition: Do away with deprivation. “I eat often. Every three hours,” she says.

On health issues: “You do not have to wait for your body to get sick. You may not be sick now, but are you well?”


Article feature in Lifestyle Asia Magazine, May 2015 issue

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