Goals 2015Make health your priority this year! We’re here to help you start things right.


The BioBalance Elite Program is a complete 365-day solution that will guide you on what you need nutritionally, then provide you with your personalized vitamin and mineral regimen.


How do we do this? The BioBalance Elite Program is a full solution designed to

  • TEST: Measure scientifically your nutrient deficiencies. toxicities and metabolic imbalances
  • BALANCE: Optimize the uniqueness of your nutritional needs through customized supplementation and dietary plan
  • COMPLY: Promote convenience and compliance


The BioBalance Elite Program includes the following:


biobalance elite test1. Your Nutrient and Metabolic Profile

A one-time extensive diagnostic of as many as 150 of your unique wellness markers including micro- and macronutrients (like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids), metabolic markers (like neurotransmitters), gastro-intestinal bacteria and fungi (like Candida), toxic elements (like mercury), and oxidative stress markers (like glutathione and DNA attack). Choose the Core, Advanced, or Comprehensive test offerings. Learn more about our Nutrient and Metabolic Profiles.


biobalance customized vitamins supplements


2. Your 12-month /365-day supply of custom-packed supplements

The supplements are adjusted carefully based on the results of your nutrient and metabolic profiles. The bespoke supplements come in one convenient packet each, as need be, for morning, noon, and night




biobalance food dietary guide3. Your personal food guide

With this custom-made list, you will know exactly what foods you should and should not eat. This food guide considers that your body has its own unique chemistry (your biochemical individuality) and that you may have existing health issues that are not necessarily weight-related.


biobalance wellness medicine doctor4. A consultation with our in-house Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) Doctor

Instead of discussing illnesses and chief health complaints, get to discuss wellness goals with our Wellness Medicine doctor in our specially-designed wellness facility.


Go get balanced now!  Enroll in our steeply discounted BioBalance Elite Program.

Package starts at P84,000 a year or P7,000 per month. 

Get to save over P19,000 from ala carte price!*


For inquiries and appointments, contact our Wellness Concierge at +63917-521-4860, +632-8650-4858 or email concierge@biobalanceinstitute.com.  You can also drop us a message here.


*Above package is for Core Elite Program. Advanced and Comprehensive Elite Programs are also available.

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