What can a customized meal and supplement plan do for your overall health? Fashion designer and organic farmer Hindy Weber-Tantoco shares the benefits through her own experience.

Hindy Weber-Tantoco’s name is often associated with fashion and organic farming but she’ll be the first to tell you that growing food wasn’t something she had planned. The former in-house designer for Rustan’s shares that the simple choice to serve healthier fare to her then-two kids eventually led to wearing a farmer’s hat. “It boiled down to us growing our own food,” she recalls. “We started in our backyard and then every harvest, we just had more and more vegetables so we started sharing them with friends and family.”

Hindy’s backyard endeavor eventually became her full-time business, more popularly known as Holy Carabao Holistic Farms. She and her family also decided to simplify their life by moving to the Laguna countryside to live near their farm as she continued to design for her own clothing line. One look at Hindy and you sense her life seems stress-free—always armed with a charming smile, her figure and glowing skin belying her age of 42 years.

While it seems she has work-life balance figured out, the mother of four says it takes constant effort. “We live in a world that’s stressful and chaotic. It’s one thing to be mindful of stress but another to do something about it.” Part of her efforts to stay at her peak is to eat organic food coupled with regular bouts of circuit training and yoga. But once she reached her forties, she started to feel something was amiss. “I was starting to feel I needed more support even if I ate well. I was more tired but I was sleeping less and I started binging on coffee and sugary foods,” she shares.

Finding the Nutrition Gaps

After seeing a friend’s Facebook post on going through the BioBalance program, Hindy was curious to know her nutritional status and how she can take her already healthy lifestyle up a notch. The BioBalance Institute runs a series of specialized tests to find out the nutrients your body needs at a cellular level—from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, to essential fatty acids. Nutrient deficiencies and toxicities are normally linked not only to common symptoms like fatigue and weight issues, but also to risks of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

From the test results, BioBalance then recommends personalized dietary changes and prescribes supplements to cover any deficiencies. In Hindy’s case, the test revealed that she had bad bacteria in her gut and was deficient in vitamin D. “That’s why I was feeling more tired than usual. Can you imagine going through life and you’re deficient on something not knowing it can have compounding effects on your health? I’m so glad I’m aware of it now,” she says.


A Real Holistic Approach

After seeing Hindy’s results, her attending BioBalance physician, Dr. Paulita “Pinky” Baclig, prescribed her food and supplements to address her deficiencies and to get rid of the bad bacteria in her gut while increasing the good bacteria. “Bad bacteria and yeast in the intestines lead to inflammation of the gut that prevents the absorption of essential nutrients,” explains Dr. Pinky, a Health Optimization Medicine Consultant. “Organic food has higher levels of nutrients our body needs but all of these only get into our bodies if the gut is healthy. A healthy gut is as important as the healthy soil of every farm.”

Hindy’s sleeping woes were also due to her gut bacteria imbalance. “Serotonin, a neurotransmitter which we need for good sleep, is actually made in the gut,” adds Dr. Pinky. By having more good bacteria in the intestines, you can achieve better shuteye.

Once Hindy began regularly taking supplements prescribed to address her deficiencies, she started having more energy and sleeping better, too. “It was just the kind of thing I was looking for,” she shares.

Custom-fit Solution 

With specific nutritional solutions offered by medical professionals at the BioBalance Institute, you’re always a step ahead in your journey to wellness. “As a designer herself, Hindy is the first person who will insist on measuring to customize. When you’re designing your lifestyle for optimal health, it’s important that it’s personalized—that you take only the supplements that your body really needs,” says Dr. Pinky.

Take it from Hindy, to be at your optimum best, you need to tweak your lifestyle to be more holistic. Investing on your health now rather than when you’re already sick can help you live life with more vigor to do the things you love. “I’ve got my fitness routine and now my customized meal plan and supplements from BioBalance. It’s like a made to measure outfit—both food and supplements made to fit me.”

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