Supplementation is crucial for optimal health, that’s why keeping the optimal freshness of your vitamins is very important. Knowing how to properly store them can help make your daily health regimen more effective.

Rule of thumb: trust the label. Read and follow the instructions as supplements differ in packaging, storage temperature, and shelf life. If they’re not enough, here are five common pitfalls that you can avoid:

Fail #1: Vitamins in the bathroom, kitchen, or car

Vitamins don’t do well with heat and humidity. Airtight lids aren’t foolproof since some moisture gets trapped each time you open and close a vitamin bottle. Instead of storing in your bathroom’s medicine cabinet or anywhere near the stove or kitchen sink, keep your vitamins in the dining room or breakfast nook. And remember to always dry your hands before reaching in.

Fail #3: Changing the container

Certain vitamins require a specific type of packaging to remain potent. Changing the original packaging for convenience can cause the quality to degrade. But in case you will, make sure to use tightly sealed, opaque or dark-tinted containers to protect from sunlight and moisture.

Fail #4: Too accessible

You might want to store your vitamins where you can see them often, but it can have disadvantages. Always keep them away from reach of children, sunlight, heat, and water. Your bedroom, where it’s dark and cool, can be one of the safest places to store supplements.

Fail #5: Forgetting the expiry date

Vitamins lose potency with age, so taking them beyond the expiry date renders it more and more useless. Check for expiry dates upon purchase and do set a reminder on your phone for near-expiration when buying supplements in large quantities. Dispose expired vitamins immediately to avoid health hazards.

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