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There are more things about your body that you can control than you think. And when it comes to your health, knowledge is definitely power.

Sure, diets and workouts may help you get into shape and lose weight, but are you sure you are eating and working out exactly for what your body needs? You may regularly be taking vitamins and eating fruits and vegetables, but are you aware that your body might be over consuming certain vitamins and lacking other essential ones? You can Iive your life trying all these one-size-fits-all solutions (definitely hit or miss) or you can get down to the exact condition of your body and know precisely how much it has—vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, toxic elements, deficiencies, and more—and know how you should work on it, all without guesswork. The goal, ultimately, is to live your life at its best and experience it in the best quality.

This is what BioBalance offers—the option to know and understand your body, from its cells to all the elements that drive its cycles, and from there determine and give you what you need to prevent illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, psoriasis, gout, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and more. BioBalance is a health optimization and wellness institute led by prodigy Dr. Ted Achacoso, who specializes in anti-aging, nutritional, longevity, regenerative, age management, and sports medicine. For over four decades, he has been training, researching, and working in interventional neuroradiology and pharmacology, medical informatics and artificial intelligence, anti-aging medicine and nutritional medicine in Manila, Paris, and Washington D.C.

The goal is to create balance in your body—the balance between anabolism or processes that grow and catabolism or processes that destroy. Simply put, when your body produces cancer cells (we all do regularly), your antigens recognize them and kill them, so you don’t get cancer. When you body sees healthy tissues and cells, it recognizes them as such, and so it doesn’t attack them and you don’t get diabetes or gout. At BioBalance, you may opt to get tested for all the factors that contribute to these processes in your body—the levels of vitamins, toxins, minerals, and more—and get assessed for how healthy your cells are, so that the institute’s doctors may help you create balance where it’s needed through good nutrition, lifestyle modification, and if needed, high quality, customized supplements. “Cells are the fundamental structures in these organs so by looking at them first, we more or less see what the organ will go through. We can test that now even before our patients get sick. Then of course we do something about it,” says Dr. Achacoso.

If you choose to undergo its nutrient and metabolic tests, gastro-intestinal test, or toxic elements profiling, you will discover many things about your body like never before. How do you exactly process your carbs? Are you better off eating more protein? How do you metabolize each ingredient from the food that you eat? What kinds of food does your body have a difficult time processing? How much toxin do you have in your body and how long can you carry on till you are close enough to get ill? Does your sleep pattern affect your weight? What is the best eating pattern for your body? What’s your best way to get slimmer? What is the state of your gut? Is it teeming with bad bacteria? Did you know that your gut compromises 70 percent of your immune system? How can you address all these health concerns especially with your kind of modern lifestyle? While it poses many questions, it also gives you all the answers. And more important, it will provide you with fool-proof solutions to prevent these illnesses, feel better, and live longer.

For a full list of the tests and the details to the science behind Biobalance, https://biobalanceinstitute.com/the-tests/

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