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Any of you ever tried fasting? If you’re going back to basics to simplify life, you might as well consider this eating pattern as a health resolution. Science has long been exploring the benefits of fasting – the absence or limitation of food – for improved health. Celebrities and artists like Hugh Jackman and Chris Martin regularly practice one form of fasting – from having a 12-16 hour feeding window (for the prior) to a full 24-hour fast (for the latter).

There many types of fasting, each with different health effects. Of all types, it’s Periodic Fasting (PF), or fasting for 3 days or more, which according to health experts, not only leads to sustainable weight loss but also helps improve health and disease markers. That’s because PF is similar to our early ancestors’ way of eating. In hunter-gatherer days where food is scarce, human bodies are able to evolve, sustain, survive, and thrive. The benefits of PF are truly astounding.


A new diet that delivers the same benefits as PF may be the ideal solution for those who find long-term diets difficult. Called ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD™), it is considered by many thought leaders “the biggest breakthrough in nutrition of this century,” and perhaps one of the most sustainable healthy diets available.

ProLon 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet

ProLon FMD is a 5-day diet.  Yes, you heard it right. The program just requires a 5-day commitment, yet the benefits are weight loss and a whole lot more. It’s an all-natural, plant-based diet that allows your body to go into “fasting mode,” as if you are doing PF, except you are ingesting delicious and highly nutritious meals.

ProLon consists of real food, not the usual meal replacements you find in other diet programs. The meals—ranging from 770 and 1100 calories per day—are delicious and nourishing, making it feel less than a diet and more like a five-day healthy eating. For instance, the menu includes kale crackers and olives for snacks and hearty minestrone soup or mushroom soup for lunch or dinner.

After the 5-day program, there are no lifestyle changes imposed on the rest of the 25 days of the month, allowing you to carry on with your regular activities afterwards.


Fifteen years of extensive clinical tests have proven that FMD “nourishes the body while promoting regenerative and rejuvenating changes, including effects on a wide range of markers that contribute to aging, such as cholesterol, inflammation, and fasting glucose.” According to the U.S. National Institute of Health, the diet not only helps in weight management, but it also stimulates high level of protection in cells, removal of damaged cells and tissues, and self-repair of cells resulting in regeneration and rejuvenation.

At the University of Southern California, ProLon was tested on humans aged 19 to 75, where results “showed that the FMD participants experienced an average 3 percent reduction in weight, a reduction in visceral fat, a reduction in C-reactive protein (inflammatory marker related to metabolic diseases), and rejuvenation for the immune system.”


Since it gained popularity last year, many have been reveling about the effects of ProLon FMD and the diet’s sustainability. “I couldn’t believe it: I’d lost half a stone! And not only that but two inches off my waist too,” shares food lover Rachel Hoise in this story published by The Independent. “What makes this diet different to others is it’s all scientifically-developed and clinically-tested so that the body is nourished while remaining in a fasting mode.”

While weight loss is just one of its best and noticeable effects—“I lost four kilos on ProLon, and my stomach, thighs and face all looked slimmer,” shares another client in publication Nine—it also helps in many aspects of the mind and body. “I’m most impressed by the mental clarity that I experienced from day four. I ask Dr. Valter Longo, one of the University of Southern California researchers behind the fasting-mimicking diet, if sharpness of the mind is a common side-effect,” he adds.


If you’re stumped on how to start your health resolution or have difficulty sticking with a long-term diet program, try investing in just 5 days this month.  Now in the Philippines through BioBalance, the ProLon 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet is a healthy and more sustainable diet for different lifestyles.

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