How Food Pharmacy provides support for your unique body

The recent demand for organic produce and natural food sources shows how people have become more conscious about their nutrition. We have come to understand the critical role of food when it comes to achieving optimal health, preventing diseases, and supporting any existing disease condition.

But with your unique body and dietary needs, plus all the available information and options, it can be an overwhelming process to map out a sound nutritional plan for you. In fact, a food that’s considered healthy for someone may not necessarily be good for you; for example, bread, which is a common source of carbohydrates, is not good for someone who suffers from certain medical conditions like gluten sensitivity.

As we now focus on the preventive and curative properties of food, BioBalance provides a service called “Food Pharmacy,” a program that simplifies the process of knowing what exactly you should eat.

Now that I’m diagnosed with gluten sensitivity/ diabetes/hypertension, what exactly can I eat?

Through Food Pharmacy, BioBalance provides each client with a tailor-fitted nutritional plan which is perfectly suited with his or her lifestyle and health conditions, among others. This includes listing down food into four categories: 1) Ideal foods (eat more), 2) Neutral Foods (eat just enough) 3) Foods to Eat Very Rarely (eat less), and 4) Foods to Avoid (don’t eat).

It may look like a typical food list at first, but it actually considers and cross-checks approved nutrition-related studies and publications to simplify the ideal list of food items based on an individual’s health concern.

Sample Food Pharmacy report for someone on a gluten-free diet


A nutritional plan unique to you

To generate your unique nutritional plan, Food Pharmacy specifically draws out information about your health and lifestyle. Details include the following items to guide them:

  • Your age
  • Blood Type
  • Food allergies
  • Intolerances such as gluten, milk, etc.
  • Toxicities such as heavy metals
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Clinical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, celiac disease, etc.
  • Other dietary restrictions including your ethical beliefs, religious beliefs

Food Pharmacy takes the guesswork out of creating a suitable selection of food choices because all the information is based on how you live and what you need. It’s a big help in attaining balanced nutrition on a day-to-day basis. It comes in handy when you go supermarket shopping, too!

Do you have symptoms of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease?

Don’t guess, test.

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