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Your belly obviously took quite a blow from those seconds. Aside from weight gain, the extra rounds of drinks and servings of carb-loaded dinner plates and desserts (plus those caffeine-fueled mornings after) have adversely affected your gut health.

With these excesses taking their toll, it’s high time you gave your gut a fresh start through a science-based detox: the BioBalance Optimal Gut C.A.R.E Program (Clean-Activate-Repair-Enhance).

Our comprehensive C.A.R.E. approach is cleverly summarized as:

  • C – Clean the gut of irritants and toxicities
  • A – Activate the good bacteria to restore balance;
  • R – Repair and heal the gut lining; and
  • E – Enhance gut health through beneficial bacteria and nutrition.

The 90-day Optimal Gut C.A.R.E Program measures specific gut markers (e.g. good and bad bacteria, food intolerances, efficiency in absorption of nutrients, etc.) to provide a scientific and personalized prescription for every patient. The components of the protocol are as follows:

  • Advanced Gut Diagnostics: Metabolic Analysis Profile and Food Intolerance Test
  • In-Body Composition Analysis
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Supply of supplement protocol good for 90 Days
  • Customized food rotation guide and dietary plan

Benefits of getting your gut fixed

Gut health is a key indicator of good health so expect to reap these rewards after moderating your excesses:

Less health risks. By focusing on the root cause of your digestive issues, you will feel less of the unwanted symptoms of an unhealthy gut while minimizing chances of developing more serious related illnesses.

Less sick days. A better gut means better immunity. Because it’s usually the access point for most bad bacteria in our body, these unwanted pathogens can be warded off better.

Less mood swings. When we feel better, our senses are sharper, and so is our memory. The gut has neurons that produce and release neurotransmitters also found in the brain, including dopamine (for memory, mood, sleep) and serotonin (for well-being, happiness).

Less weight gain. You can better survive buffet tables with a healthier and more diverse gut microbiota, as it helps you keep unwanted pounds in check and determines how much calories and nutrients your body absorbs. It’s also key to breaking down sugar as it affects insulin sensitivity.

Less fatigue. Be more productive at work by being up and about throughout the day. A healthy gut allows your body to maximize nutrients from food so you’re naturally more energized.

Fretting that your clothes don’t fit as well as last year already means you have to do something to fix your gut! Digestive, as well as weight, issues are a cause for concern that demands personal lifestyle adjustments as well as professional medical advice especially since these can eventually lead to more serious conditions. Give your gut the balance it needs and you will be looking, eating, and feeling better, too.


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