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If fighting disease and infection were a contest, it would be a team sport. Our immune system consists of players that are trained for specific roles, and to perform effectively, they need constant nourishment from certain micronutrients.

Teamwork wins the game. But even the best teams need support, right?

Our immune team roster includes watchers, fighters, and healers. These players are fueled by vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc in order to win over their competitors. They work in unison for an improved immune response that’s why balanced levels between these key nutrients are crucial.

Watchers search and identify opponents of the team. When they see a virus, they signal to teammates for backup. Watchers rely on Vitamin D to do this. Vitamin D also plays a key role in protecting our lungs against infections.

Fighters arrive at the scene ready for action. They’ll fight to the end. The more aggressive and unfamiliar the opponent, the harder and longer the fight. To triumph, fighters need Vitamin C as their main energy source. Vitamin C also protects our fighters from damage and helps vitamin D become more useful.

Healers are in charge of controlling damage from the fight. They deliver Zinc to the affected cells to help reduce inflammation. Zinc also regulates basic cellular functions and supports antibody production.

The success of your team depends on your nutrient supply. Your players can only be as good as the sustenance they receive. So, feed your immune cells with potent, all-natural vitamins to make sure the team can keep up with the fight.

To make sure your immune team gets quality nourishment, take the ImmunProtect Signature Protocol from BioBalance. Each box contains premium vitamins that can enhance your body’s natural defense against sickness and infection.

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In the box: 1 Vitamin D 1000 IU x 60, 1 Ester C-Bio 600 mg x 100, 1 Zinc Supreme x 90


To help you reach optimal results, our supplements contain active ingredients in their most potent and readily useable form. They’re all-natural, free from common allergens, and guaranteed fresh for your safety.

For a more convenient way to shop supplements, try our vitamin delivery—professionally packed, handled, and shipped to ensure quality and safety.

Shipping Fee starts at Php 80.00 for orders within Metro Manila.

For deliveries outside Metro Manila, please contact us directly.


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