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MANILA, PHILIPPINES—On December 1, BioBalance—the country’s pioneer in health optimization medicine led by European Double Board Certified and Anti-Aging Medicine Specialist Dr. Ted Achacoso—officially unveiled its newest facility on the Ground Level of the Shangri-La East Wing Mall. It brought together its clients, ambassadors, and some of the industry’s best medical practitioners in a celebration of personalized health and wellness.

In the hope of taking everyone on a journey to balanced health, weight loss, longevity, and youthfulness, the event encouraged guests to listen to the eye-opening and inspiring stories of Dr. Ted and heath optimization ambassadors: multi-awarded prima ballerina Lisa Macuja Elizalde, triathlon coach, bike fitter, and sports marketing consultant Andy Leuterio, and top photographer and model Sara Black. Through video, TV host and lifestyle blogger Stephanie Zubiri Crespi and actor, producer, and entrepreneur Albert Martinez also revealed their best health habits.

Eat right, feel good

Lisa believes that people should be empowered to make the right choices when it comes to food and supplements to feel at their 100 percent. “BioBalance has given me the information I needed to make those smart choices. All my life I’ve always had a very physically fit body until I retired from dancing two years ago,” shares Lisa. “I started to feel the need to modify my diet. I met Dr. Ted and he introduced me to BioBalance. I started the program two months ago and people have noticed that I’ve lost weight, like I am dancing again. In fact the first thing they asked me was, ‘Are you dancing again?’

Microbiota expert Dr. Peter Konturek

Award-winning prima ballerina and BioBalance ambassador Lisa Macuja Elizalde

Know how your body works

Sarasota, on the other hand, reveals how she was amazed at how the program takes clients back to the basics and shows exactly how your body works at a cellular level. “It was so fascinating to see what (nutrients) I was deficient in considering I am a really healthy person already. I am very active, I watch what I eat but there’s always room for improvement and when you get excited on you can make yourself come alive, your whole body will come alive. That vibrancy that you’re looking for, that you want to communicate to people, it all comes together,” she shared.

Optimized health is wealth

“The BioBalance Institute operates under this principle: measured wellness. The key to being in your 100 percent and getting the most out of life is through personalized nutrition which can address your body’s unique needs,” shared BioBalance marketing manager Mel Gillego. “By measuring and addressing nutritional deficiencies, our clients get to improve quality of life through increased energy, resistance to disease, and overall vitality.” BioBalance’s signature health programs address the various health needs of each patient.

Microbiota expert Dr. Peter Konturek

L-R: Functional Nutritionist Roland Pankewich, BioBalance Marketing Manager Mel Gillego, and Dr. Ted Achacoso

Dr. Ted further emphasized that the absence of illness doesn’t automatically mean you’re healthy. He expounded by explaining the science behind HOMe or Health Optimization Medicine, which he has been spearheading around the world. “8 years ago, I started a clinical practice in the Philippines called ‘Health Optimization Medicine.’ In this practice, we detect and correct imbalances inside the cell that underlies all the organs. In other words, we measure what we can measure like your nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and bring them to balance so you can experience 100% health.” he said.

More photos from the event

You too can learn how you can reach your 100 percent health. Visit BioBalance at the Lower Ground Level, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong.

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