A female patient on an IV vitamin therapy

You’ve probably heard about how great IV vitamin therapy is from a raving friend or a celebrity tweet. And you’ve probably come across an IV treatment for virtually anything (okay, that’s an exaggeration). Sure. So what’s the fuss about again?

You already know that IV therapy delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream through intravenous (or IV) access in the arm to nourish the body at the cellular level. But what you probably wonder about is if it’s right for you. Is it worth it?

But before you make yourself feel like a hipster jumping into just another bandwagon, consider that IV therapy may be more than just a fad. It’s been hyped, admittedly. But beneath the noise and flair is a treatment option that can do wonders—if done right.

So, without much celebrity testimonial and hifalutin medical talk, here are 3 simple but powerful reasons why IV vitamin therapy can be good for you.

1. Faster and better nutrient absorption

IV vitamin therapy safely delivers larger doses of vitamins directly to the body. Factors like age, health status, genetics, metabolism, and the physical or chemical makeup of the food and supplements we consume can affect our ability to absorb nutrients in the stomach. Around half of the nutrients taken orally can go to waste in the digestive and metabolic process.

On the other hand, IV vitamins can be quickly and efficiently absorbed (up to 90%) because they come in “bioavailable” form—meaning, they’re readily absorbable and usable. This can benefit many different people for many different reasons:

  • Quick relief for hangover, diarrhea, or chronic pains such as migraine, PMS, or body pain;
  • Immunity & energy boost for heavy athletic training or protection for travelers and out-of-home workers;
  • Health recovery for those recently ill or healing from a surgery;
  • Rebalancing nutrients to overcome stress or fatigue, circumvent illnesses or gut issues that interfere with nutrient absorption, or correct a diagnosed nutritional deficiency;

… and many more.

2. IV therapy can be tailored to your needs

Some clinics can personalize IV drips to specifically match your health & wellness goals. With the help of a doctor’s evaluation before and after treatment, vitamin drips can be medically concocted to achieve better results.

For example, if you have a pre-existing food allergy or medical condition that can have potentially harmful effects on the treatment, the clinician should know if an IV treatment is suitable and the right formulation. Addon vitamins can also be included in the mix for extra health benefits that befit the patient.

3. Proven safe & effective

IV treatment is a safe and proven way of delivering nutrients to the body. But in the wrong hands, substandard procedures can increase the risk of adverse reactions like irritation, inflammation, blood clot, or toxicity, to say the least.

Proper medical standards should be in place to ensure your safety. Find a reputable clinic with a reputable doctor who can provide a legitimate evaluation of the right IV treatment for you. Treatments should be supervised and administered only by licensed medical professionals who are trained specifically for IV therapy. Vitamin drips should also be checked for quality and freshness before every use.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask if the facility is sanitized and if the staff are fully vaccinated—because there’s no such thing as being too safe, you know.

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