Operations Advisory Update

27 April 2020

To keep the website dynamic, we will be adding this new update to our adjusted clinic operations note placed last March 15.

As we navigate through the dynamics of the current crisis, we continue to make adjustments to have as many products and services accessible to you without compromising quality and safety. Our Wellness Concierge Team and Wellness Experts remain available to you through our online platforms as your health remain to be our utmost priority.

With the new deadline extension of the ECQ, we will be making the following services and features available exclusively for you:

  • FREE Online Consultation with our Clinical Nutritionist and Nurse Practitioners.
  • Online Consultation with our Wellness Expert Psychologist.
  • Online Health and Immunity Risk Assessment with our Wellness Expert Physicians
  • More payment options for services and for products that you will avail of.

To know more about how we can help you or to book an appointment, contact us at 0917-521-4860 or concierge@biobalanceinstitute.com. Let’s remain vigilant, practice proper hygiene and work together in the midst of this challenging situation. Stay safe!